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This is one more attempt to call the attention of the responsible and concerned officers of the Government Service Insurance System and government to grant us the benefits the GSIS allowed our coretir...
Accela, the leading provider of civic engagement solutions for government, announced today that it has acquired Government Outreach, a Pleasanton, California-based provider of citizen relationship man...
Dh24 billion allocated for social development projects and other benefits for UAE citizens, Dh20 billion for government affairs and upgraded services.
In the 2012 presidential election, Mitt Romney famously told a group that 47 percent of Americans pay no income tax. Although that number may have been accurate, he went on to say, inaccurately, that ...
The UK government has poured money into transport infrastructure. And thanks to privatisation, state-owned European bus and rail operators reap the benefits James Meeks book on the privatisation of Br...
The British Columbia government has approved an environmental assessment certificate for the massive $7.9-billion Site C hydroelectric dam on the Peace River.
Top Hispanic leaders asked President Obama last week to grant some illegal immigrants access to Obamacare, saying the "dreamers" to whom the White House has given tentative work permits are ...
The glory days of France's welfare model may be behind it. The country's Socialist government led by Prime Minister Manuel Valls is chipping away at a system that dispenses 52 billion euros ($...
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